Tutoring Available in Oakleaf

Elementary Tutoring Now Available in Oakleaf!

Get improved skills in all content areas for your elementary student!

Certified Elementary Teacher with 4 plus years experience will tutor your child. Tutoring will be available for any skills within the Elementary Level Curriculum. Your child will be highly motivated to learn through an interactive learning environment. Tutoring sessions may be held at your place of choice. For more info, please contact Mrs. Stettner at (904) 446 7474 or E-mail tammystettner@yahoo.com

Michelle’s Painted Glassware, Hand Painted Designs for Every Occasion!

Michelle’s Painted Glassware

Handpainted Designs for every occasion

Creating unique gifts, favors and more!

Need a specific design?  I will be happy to create it for you!

Contact me at:


Give me a call at:


Check out my website:


Get Connected with a Video Phone

People say that the world gets smaller every day, but if you have loved ones that live far away, that can be hard to believe. When you’re missing a friend or thinking of a family member who has moved elsewhere, you don’t want to hear about how small the world is—it’s still too big for you and your friend or family member.

You might say, “Well, there’s nothing I can do about that.” Well, now you can … thanks to the ACN IRIS 3000™ Videophone. With features you can’t find anywhere else, this video phone brings faraway friends and family right into the room with you.

Savings – low monthly rate PLUS unlimited calling to the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico

Features – incredible features not available with traditional phone service

Control – online account management that puts you in the driver’s seat

With ACN Digital Phone Service, seeing is believing!