If you live in Oakleaf you probably need this home repair tip!

Chances are if you live in Oakleaf your house was built quickly and a few things may have been missed. This simple tip can help you prevent mold and or water damage from ruining your home. This damage happens from improper installation of the windows that were installed by your builder. You can try to get the builder back to your home to make the repairs, but most likely your home is out of its 1year builder warranty period.

With just a few dollars and a few hours you can have all of your windows waterproof.

Items Needed: 1 tube of 100% Silicone either white or clear your preference, soap and water, rubbing alcohol and few cotton swabs. You can click on the photos to view a larger image.

If you notice water damage at the sides of your windows this is a good sign you may need to make these repairs soon.

Notice the wide gap where the water can get through. Even the smallest gap can cause big damage.

Clean the area near the gap the best you can with soap and water. After

it dries for a few minutes, then use a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol on it and clean around the gap about a 1/2 inch in all directions just to be safe.

Use the 100% silicone to fill the gap. Be sure to get it sealed completely. It can be tough to get the caulk all the way to the base, but it is very important to make sure this is done. If you have the foam seal at the base like this window, you may need to peel some of it back just enough to get the caulk to seal completely.

You should be good to go. If your damage is severe you may need to have your home check by a professional. If the water has been sitting behind the drywall for a period of time, mold may have developed behind the wall and should be treated.

Let me know if you have any questions!