Be a good Neighbor!

With many of the homes in Oakleaf Plantation being vacant many of the homes around us are looking pretty bad. If you would like to help keep your home values up, please be a good neighbor and help keep our neighborhoods clean. If you see the stack of phone books in the yard or the newspapers that have been sitting in the driveway for a month, please take a minute and throw them away.

Just a few minutes can help make a huge difference. Also a reminder to Oakleaf residents trash cans are to be in a concealed location according to the Home Owners Rules and Regulations. They are also removed from the street the same day your trash pick up has occurred. They may issue fines if the regulations are not followed. The home values have seen a decline in the last year, lets all do our part to make Oakleaf a desirable neighborhood and our home values should follow.

Keep our Kids Safe…. Slow Down!

Many people may not be aware but the speed limit is 15MPH through all of the neighborhoods within Oakleaf. I am sure many of you have seen your neighbors pulled over. Don’t be next!


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